Racing Hand Controls

We have developed racing hand controls that are widely recognized as the most advanced is the world.


They have undergone a vast amount of testing and taken part in many races, including the Spa 25hr, and proven to be extremely reliable and robust.


The standard set up is:


  • Throttle = right paddle
  • Brake = left paddle
  • Gear Shifter = left and/or right thumb


With the pedals functioning as normal, this makes our system highly flexible so it can suit drivers with a wide range of disabilities.


The set up of the steering wheel can be made to suit the driver’s personal needs so please feel free to contact us if your requirements are unique. 

Our hand controls have been inspected by David Lapworth, one of the world’s most respected racing engineers, Chairman of the Technical Committee for Motor Sport UK and Technical Director for ProDrive/Aston Martin Racing.

Sim Hand Controls

As with our racing hand controls, we can build sim hand controls to suit your disability and the simulator or PC you want to race online with.

Hand Control Projects

Now that we have the technology that is been tried and tested, we are working on other projects to help even more disabled people to take up motorsport.

People with poor hand function struggle to find solutions that allow them to race – on track and online.  We are have built a PROTOTYPE and currently working on testing different ideas.
If you want to go racing and need a unique system, get in touch.  Let’s make it happen!
Ben Warren is a huge motorsport fan and excellent sim racer – we are aiming to convert him to a competitive track racer. Watch BEN’S VIDEO

More Information

Hand controls can be made to work on any vehicles or sims and made bespoke to suit the driver’s personal requirements.

Contact our Race Engineer with details of your vehicle or sim and explain what you need.  Al will be happy to go over everything with you and email you a quote.

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