A unique very situation presents a very unique opportunity

When we started working on this website myself and other members of the team, we’re talking about what content we could fill it with. Some talked about track guides and others about equipment. None of us thought a deadly virus spreading across the globe would be a hot topic to talk about on our site and yet here we are.

As a result of the Coronavirus the world has come to a halt. Not only has pretty much all motorsport been cancelled it’s the same for pretty much every event including my beloved Eurovision and Battlebots.

This presents what I can only describe as an open goal for esports. With all sport and major events cancelled many have started scrambling together to bring sport to the masses and the way they’re doing that is online. The-Race (don’t forget the hyphen) put on a race event over the weekend called All-Star Esports Battle. This combined some of the top racing drivers from all sorts of disciplines including F1, IndyCar, W Series, WEC and Super GT as well as famous sim racing personalities such as Jimmy Broadbent and Rudy van Buren (the worlds fastest gamer). The event created a huge buzz with over 600,000 (yes six hundred thousand) people watching and this got me thinking about what this event could do for my sport.

Some of us like myself are still able to work but with the prospect of lockdown very much looming over us. Some people including some of my team mates are already in lockdown and are looking for ways to pass the time and after watching the event some might now be thinking to take up sim racing themselves or start to take their hobby a little bit more seriously. Even Formula 1, Nascar, Supercars Australia and IndyCar have all announced that they will be running multiple races with real drivers to keep their fans entertained.

As a result of the virus we now have a huge opportunity to capture our captured audience and turn them into sim racers and help our sport grow. So, I ask you if you are reading this blog. Go and download iRacing, rFactor 2 or Assetto Corsa. Find a league in your favourite discipline and get racing because let’s be honest who wants to watch another repeat of Bargain Hunt or Top Gear?

Not me!

See you on track.


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